Scope of BBA in Nepal

Scope of BBA in Nepal

Congratulations all !For you have successfully crossed over your two years long preparation and hard work .This end is a beginning for another journey in your career diary.
Now you are eligible and warmly welcomed for a Baccalaureate degree.It is really a hard time for students as they have to decide which path to choose, which degree to acquire and make sure that their choice be the right decision and their decision be the right choice else their life will be a trouble. Talking about BBA, before starting with your life decision, you should carefully consider scope of bba in nepal and your own gut feeling to chose the subject.

You will make a right beginning with BBA if you are aspiring to be an industrialist, an entrepreneur, Chief Executive Director of leading organizations, Business leader, Corporate manager, a leader or a Multinationals. BBA is the best degree to be pursued no matter whether you have management or science background in your +2 level as it opens door to varieties of opportunities.

Scope of BBA in Nepal
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British College’s BBA is one of the most reputed BBA program in Nepal

Where to study BBA in Nepal?

The BBA is the most chosen four year undergraduate bachelor degree programme in management both nationally and globally. It stands for Bachelor in Business administration.The four-year course will go semester wise and complete in eight semesters covering 120 credit hours.Students will be offered to choose specialization in seventh and eighth semester in topics like Banking and Financial management, Marketing, Industrial management ,Management information system, Travel and tourism. But remember not all colleges will offer same specialization course. You should find out which college is offering what specialization course in their BBA programme and then make a choice as per you have dreamt of. There are about 24 or more colleges in Nepal throughout different districts , affiliated to different universities such as Tribhuvan Univesity (TU),Kathmandu University (KU) Pokhara University (PU) etc and many foreign universities within Nepal offering BBA programme or can also apply for abroad studies. The objective of BBA degree is to teach you necessary managerial leadership , presentation and communication skills that is essentially the first priority for any company hiring you or any business you want to start.

Internship for BBA Students in Nepal

The BBA program is specially designed to help students to take up middle-level managerial positions right after their graduation. The course will be followed by an internship in their 8th semester during which students will get to know the real application of the theories they had been through during their four years programme. Universities like TU and PU have been constantly introducing Scholarship provisions in BBA programmes for smart students so you should be aware and prepared to grab the scholarship opportunities.

Scope and Jobs for BBA Graduates in Nepal

The degree will be useful to you to be job fitted in any organizations- from top government jobs to private, from banks to hospitals, from NGos to INGOs, from local Provision shop to departmental stores, from local restaurants to Five star hotels from national to abroad OR Self Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the buzz word, people are talking about-Now. Entrepreneur is the one who will establish a business, run a company and employ thousands of employees. This will be a great help to solve the unemployment problem of our country, Nepal .

Today you must have seen banks being the most competitive and systematic form of business growing tremendously at high profits . You must have also read about Chaudhary groups who has tracked an outstanding business record in the history of Nepal and is continuing with unmatchable excellence. Such Big organizations come with strong management concept and strategies that comes from BBA background. And if you wish to be one among them, remember you shouldn’t forego BBA.