NEB Class 12 Management Result 2074

HSEB Result 2074 Online

HSEB Result Class 11 2073 Published Online. You can check the result via the Sparrow SMS or free online without paying anyone.

HSEB 2073 Result Class 2072 Science + Management

Despite the late exam, HSEB is able to publish result just in time with this time. Last year the result was published at the end of Poush. The result is now published and you can check the result below by entering your symbol number and birth date.

Update #8: NEB Class 12 Technical Result 2074 Published

Update #7: NEB Class 12 Science Result 2074 Published

73% students passed from regular side this year. Topper scored 89%.

Update #6: NEB Class 11 Chance Exam Result 2073 Published

Those who failed in single subjec of NEB Class 11 Result 2073 and appeared for chance exam can check their result now.

Update #5: NEB Class 11 Partial Result 2073 Published

Partial Result for NEB Class 11 is published online. Check your result now.

Update #4: NEB Class 11 Result 2073 Coming Soon

HSEB board is no more, now it’s National Examination Board. NEB is scheduled to publish the result for Class 11 2073 on last week of Mangsir.

Update #3: HSEB Class 11 Science Result 2073

HSEB Science Result Class 11 is finally published on time.

Update #2: HSEB Management Result 2073 Class 11

HSEB Result 2073 Management including Hotel Management, Arts and Humanities will be published after 2 -3 months of Science HSEB Result Class 12 2073. Please like us on Facebook to know about the updates.

Update #1: Student Voice: Why HSEB Class 12 Result 2072 Science/Management Late? .

Higher secondary education board (HSEB) as always is doing late to publish the result this time too But this time it’s too late. Many students are still eagerly waiting to know their class 11 result. As per some source the result was meant to be published last Friday. Humors among student were so intense that many were visiting cyber and nearby internet stations to know their result. Unfortunately the result was the not published.
The result being the delay of the result process might be loadshedding or the crisis that is going on in the country or might be the delay act of our government officials the class 11 result is being too late to be published. Though it might sound a simple problem. What might happen if the result is delayed every year like this. Due to such delays the 4 years bachelor course are extended upto 5 years in many university and we all know it well. We don’t want it to happen with Higher Secondary Board too. Let the 2 years course not extend to 3 years. Many students might have already made plan what to do after 2 years. So failure of HSEB will affect their planning and might hamper many students in our country.
Please lets share the news among all and make all the hseb 11 student know that we don’t need such delay anymore. Everything has to be in time not just the result of grade 11 but of any grade be it 11 or 12 or university exam result. We want every result to be published at the right time. Lets hope the government official learn that they are ruining thousands of students life.