Excuses HSEB Result

Best Excuse for Bad Grades in SLC/HSEB Result

The HSEB results are on board and will be released soon within this month of Shrawan. These Higher Secondar results are likely to bring a lot of changes in a students life. If the results are good, the changes are also likely to be good. Whereas, if the results are bad the changes are also likely to be bad. Generally, these bad results are also accompanied by a vast number of Lies. Lying is a human way of hiding their fault, guilt or mistakes.

Excuses HSEB Result

Given below are a list of 10 such lies that a Parents are likely to hear at times when their child has obtained bad grades in HSEB examinations along with the real truths behind these lies. You can use this bad grades excuses for exam in any type of exam whether it is SLC or HSEB exam.

“I didn’t know which chapters were the most important”

This lie is categorized to be the most common one that is used by the students. However, it is just a lie because it is been very clear that all the chapters are taken as an examination point of view. And this excuse just indicates that the student wasn’t attentive towards his/her studies.

“The questions that I had prepared for weren’t asked at all”

Students generally have a habit of studying at the last moment and skipping chapters. But skipping chapters can be very dangerous. So, students come up with this excuse saying that whatever they had studied wasn’t asked in the examinations.

“ My alarm clock ditched on me, I was late and got distracted”

The Alarm clocks have also been accused by a number of students for getting bad grades in examinations. But again, its just the fault of the student who either forgot to set the alarm or had set it on the wrong time.

“My bag was stolen a few days ago, I lost all my notes”

This is one of the most believable and practical lie that the students tell their parents. Although it can be possible that the notes were actually stolen but not most of thee times. And if you still don’t have any notes, you can just borrow your friend’s or find some other solution rather than making an excuse after exam.

“I was not feeling well the day before the exam”

This excuse is used by almost every student at least once in their lifetime. Agreed to the fact that the health can get into the worst position during the examinations, but the students health could not have been bad for the entire year. This is just another indication that the child didn’t prepare well for the examinations.

“My pet/ brother/ sister destroyed all the notes”

Apart from the alarm clock, the pets and the younger siblings are also blamed to a lot extent by the students. But no one else rather than the student themselves are blamed for the act as they were not responsible enough to keep their things at place.

“I heard that easier questions would be asked this year”

This lie I yet another indication that the child was lazy enough to study the complete syllabus and skipped a lot of chapters. Unfortunately, he skipped all the important chapters and went blank during the examinations.

“The teacher hadn’t completed the course”

Our human mind is very intelligent. Rather than taking one blame on ourselves we are ready to say a thousand lies and put the blames on thousand other peoples. The teachers are one of those who provide us knowledge. And some of the times al a student can do is simply blame a teacher for their own faults.

“The paper was too lengthy”

If the student was slow enough and wandering in class, it is completely their fault and not of the examination board. Completing all the answers is the first and most major priority of the student more than anything else.

“The guy behind me was too distracting”

If someone is distracting you, you should simply inform thee class invigilator rather than just getting distracted. Your answer paper is your only responsibility in the class. All the students get equal chances of studying, only the one who knows to utilize time at its best succeeds.

So, which excuse are you using for HSEB Result 2073?



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